Friday, February 17, 2012

Amazon shows us how to do a product video properly

The video Amazon did to demonstrate their new Kindle e-reader is incredibly well done...

Shown above, it's quite long, but doesn't feel long — like a series of bullet points, strung together. It flows almost like a slide presentation, but more upbeat and much more entertaining.

Large text emphasizes each benefit of the product, as the narrator concisely explains in more detail. The music gives it a casual, lighthearted feeling of comfort. It's viewable at any size.

Even the aspect ratio was given extra consideration. A hi-def 16:9 video is squashed when displayed vertically on a smartphone or tablet. You have to turn it sideways to view it properly. At 720x634 Amazon's video is almost square, so it doesn't matter which way you hold your device — it doesn't get squashed. Smart.

For a higher quality version of the video (or if you're on a mobile browser) here's a direct link to the 6.5 megabyte MP4 file.