Tuesday, February 14, 2012

What if Apple sold TVs like they sell iPhones?

Apple started selling the iPhone exclusively through AT&T stores.  This made sense for many reasons, not the least of which is that there are several thousands of these stores, in short distance of every American.

What if they did the same thing for their (rumoured) new Apple TV?

Cutting out the usual retail middlemen has a number of benefits...

  • More profit for Apple and the cable providers.

  • Avoids the wall-of-TVs you get at Best Buy, Walmart, etc.  Theirs would be the only TV in the cable store.  No competition.

  • Ease of delivery & installation.  TVs are big, heavy, and a hassle to install.  By letting the cable operators do both, this simplifies the delivery logistics and provides a much better customer experience.  It also allows the cable operators to profit on the delivery/installation fees, and potentially sell lucrative accessories.

  • All of the above incentivizes the cable providers to play according to Apple's game plan.

Could this be what Steve Jobs meant when he said he'd "finally cracked it"?